COCO Girl (Adopted by K.)

AKA Spotty, AKA Fluff Queen, AKA Pillow

Coco is the softest and roundest baby we’ve ever seen, moreover, she has the cutest little spots that complement her shaded coat so well. She’s a real Princess with good manners: gentle, playful, quiet, and absolutely adorable. She loves plush beds and crinkle toys.

CANDY Girl (Adopted by L.)

The Perfect Kitten: cute, cuddly, funny, affectionate, playful and very friendly: welcomes you home by the door and comes to snuggle at night. Candy eats like a champion and loves attention.

CARAMEL Girl (Adopted by C.)

Very playful and active little girl - she always needs to explore, play and be on the move. Caramel likes to stay warm and purrs softly when picked up.

CARLOS Boy (Adopted by M.)

Curious and playful little boy - a fan of belly rubs and kisses and afternoon naps. He is very sweet, cuddly and active. Carlos will grow into the cutest cheeky cat.