Frequently Asked Questions


* What kittens do you have?

We breed only British Golden shorthairs. Please go to Available kittens section for more information. 


* What is the deadline for submitting my Application?

September 25, 2022


* What is the reservation/adoption process like?

When our kittens are available for reservation, we will make public announcements that we are ready to take applications. The deadline for submission is listed above. The application is a set of questions about you that will assess if you and your home are good fits for our kittens. Please take the time to answer thoughtfully. Those we select will then go through an online interview. From there we will determine who our kittens will go to. The selected owner will then be sent a contract to review and put down a deposit. Priority is given to applicants who would like to adopt 2 or more kittens as well as waitlist applicants. Kittens are ready to go to their new homes at around 12-16 weeks.


* How much is a kitten?

Price for one kitten is $3,000+. Our price includes all age appropriate vaccinations, certified veterinary exams, official TICA registration papers, pedigree, pet’s passport, microchip, food samples, and our care in raising the kittens.


* How much is the deposit?

If you have been selected as the prospective parent of one of our kittens, a deposit will reserve your kitten until he or she is ready to go home. Deposits are typically 20% of the price or any agreed upon amount that will be clearly stated in our contract. Our goal is to place kittens in the best and loving homes. Should your circumstances change, a partial deposit may be refundable depending on the kittens age and time of cancellation.

* What vaccines kittens will get? How do I know they are healthy?

Vaccines are administered by a licensed vet and include: Rabies, Panleukopenia, Feline calicivirus, Feline viral rhinotracheitis.

We provide a 72 hour limited health warranty so that kittens are delivered to your home in good health and free from any diseases. We also offer a 1 year health warranty for certain congenital diseases. The reason why we can only offer a limited warranty is because some diseases are environmental. We cannot control the environment your kitten is exposed to in your home after he or she leaves the cattery.


* How do I pick up the kitten?

All transportation arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the adopting party. Prospective owners are expected to pick up their kitten in person or make arrangements with a courier at own expense. Personal delivery to your home, an agreed upon location, or a local airport is available at a reasonable cost depending on driving distance.


* What documents come with the kitten?

1. TICA Breeder Slip for TICA registration. As an alternative you can create an account at and we will register the kitten for you.

2. Pet Passport: with kitten’s name, info and vet’s notes.


* What items do I need for my future kitten?

At the time of pick up, owners should have a carrier ready to receive their kitten. As for home items, we will gladly share a list of goods we recommend for every first time cat owner if you are selected. Each kitten will also go home with a care manual and samples of food they already eat.

* Can I visit the cattery to pick a kitten?

Due to the fact that our cats are raised in our own home, we do not allow people to visit our home for privacy and security reasons. This also prevents any potential diseases from entering our households to protect the health of our cats and family members. Instead, we offer many photos of each kitten in Available Kittens section. Videos are available on Instagram (@emeraldcatsny). Selected future owners will also be able to have online video sessions with us where we would be happy to show kittens to you. 


* Are kittens spayed/neutered?

Spaying/neutering the kitten is the responsibility of  future owners when kittens reach the age of 6-9 months or as recommended by your veterinarian.


* Can I return the kitten?

We hope that all prospective and future owners will provide our kittens with forever homes to the best of their abilities. Welcoming a kitten to the family is a long-term decision that requires commitment in both time, education, and care. The kittens from our cattery are raised with our hearts in hopes that they will be wonderful companions to their future families. 

However, we recognize that situations can change. Owners have 7 days from the day of acquisition to return the kitten for a refund of the adoption fee. There will be a $300 deduction from the refund, which will go towards ensuring the kitten is free from any parasites or illnesses may have occurred from outside of our cattery. The kitten will be quarantined and tested to protect the health of our cats before being reintroduced to our cattery.

Our cats are not allowed to be surrendered to shelters, research laboratories, or resold for monetary gain. Any violations to our policies may result in legal action. Should rehoming be necessary in the future, we ask to be notified in order to aid the process of finding a new home.